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Subcutaneously, My Dear Watson
Sherlock Holmes and the Cocaine Habit
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Jack Tracy with Jim Berkey
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James A. Rock & Company Publishers
The question of Sherlock Holme's "drug addiction" has been a point of controversy among Sherlockians since 1890, when it was first introduced into the Holmes saga in The Sign of the Four. The recently renewed interest in cocaine has again sparked the debate and has brought forth Nicholas Meyer's The Seven-Per-Cent Solution and similar pastiches. Subcutaneously, My Dear Watson is a detailed study of the use of cocaine in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's immortal detective stories. It provides an insight into the attitudes prevalent in the late nineteenth century toward the use of and addiction to cocaine. the authors trace the effects of Holmes's drug habit on his career as a detective and on his relationship with Doctor Watson. The concise and interesting style is enhanced by numerous illustrations giving graphic historical perspective to the narrative. This book is a must for the Holmes buff and for those interested in early Anglo-American beliefs about cocaine and its effects.