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Steal This Urine Test
Fighting Drug Hysteria in America
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Abbie Hoffman
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Penguin Books
Millions of Americans are already being subjected to a meaningless and degrading urine test for drug use, and millions more are about to join their ranks. Drug testing is now common practice in sports, the military, prisons, one-third of the Fortune 500 corporations, and many occupations related to "national security" and "public safety." Politicians and pressure groups have called for mandatory testing of almost the entire population. Attorney General Edwin Meese has urged employers to keep track of workers not only on the shop floor but in their off-job hours as well.

Now from Abbie Hoffman, America's best known and most consistent rebel -author of the '70s classic Steal This Book- comes a substantive challenge to urine testing and the greatest drug hysteria in American history. Claiming the tests are unconstitutional, Hoffman compares them to the loyalty oaths of the 1950's "Red Menace": "They have little to do with drug abuse, and a lot to do with controlling workers and weeding out undesirables."

Steal This Urine Test is an activits handbook for beating urine tests, as well as a common-sense antidote to much of the misinformation passing as truth about drugs. For workers, students, athletes, and parents, this book champions the Bill of Rights, and raises a challenge to Big Government intrusion.