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Shattered Lives
Portraits from America's Drug War
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Author(s) :
Mikki Norris
Chris Conrad
Virginia Resner
Pages :
Pub Date :
1998, 2000
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Publisher :
Creative Xpressions
A Wake-up call to every American.

Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War takes an unflinching look at the human rights violations of US drug policy, based on the award-winning photo exhibit, Human Rights and the Drug War.

In the name of the US Drug War, families are being torn apart, children orphaned, and homes and property seized as thousands of first-time, non-violent drug offenders are thrown into prisons, serving harsh sentences of 10, 20 years and longer. Learn how we got here, the costs and the statistics, and what can still be done to bring a just end to what has become America's longest war.

In Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War, you will see the faces and read the compelling stories of America's new POWs. Your image of the Drug War may never be the same.

The authors are creators, curators and coordinators of the Human Rights and the Drug War exhibit project, aka Human Rights 95:

Mikki Norris has a Master's Degree in Spoecial Education and is a researcher on drug policy and related issues.

Chris Conrad is director of the Family Council on Drug Awareness. He is a consultant, lecturer, artist, and author of Hemp for Health and Hemp -- Lifeline to the Future.

Virginia Resner is California coordinator for Families Against Mandatory Minimums.