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Shaman Woman, Mainline Lady
Women's Writings on the Drug Experience
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Cynthia Palmer
Michael Horowitz
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William Morrow and Company, Inc
0688013872 (hardback)
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The little bottle was at her bedside, waiting to lay its spell on her.
--Edith Wharton Ladies go off sooner, and don't need so many.
--Louisa May Alcott

She quietly disrobed and donned a weblike silk gown of the faintest hues, then stretched out upon a couch of pillows and inhaled the yellow smoke of the opium pipe which Chong had carefully prepared for her.
--Edith Blinn

Dope seizes you like the hand of a giant
--Florrie Fisher

People on drugs are sick people. So now we end up with the government chasing sick people like they were criminals.
--Billie Holiday

I'm a wise in the ways of plants woman
--Maria Sabina

I was in that delicious stupor that one experiences after chloroform, morphine, opium, or hasheesh.
--Sarah Bernhardt

The round, white bowl with little pieces of vegetable was to me the cosmos, round and infinite.
--Laura Huxley

We sat constantly on this powder keg at Millbrook, dissuading ecstatic first-time trippers from calling their wives in Virginia.
--Diane di Prima

I thought I was the quickest mind alive and the quickest with words, but words cannot catch up with these trasformations, metamorphoses.
--Anais Nin

In a land of enchantment, a garden most gorgeous, a plain sprinkled with coloured meteors, a forest with sparks of purple and ruby and golden fire gemming the foliage.
--Charlotte Bronte