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Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture
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Uncle Fester
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Loompanics Unlimited
Loompanics Unlimited proudly presents the Fourth Edition of Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, including recipes for MDA, Ecstasy, and other psychedelic amphetamines, which is indispensable reading for those who wish to study the chemical syntheses of these substances. Uncle Fester, internationally renowned author of this work, has crafted the definitive guide.

"Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture by Uncle Fester delivers the goods. Believe it or not, it was featured on CBS's 60 Minutes...Every single way of making methamphetamine is here... exact recipes, no-bull instructions, and cautions, cautions."
-- The Book Reader

"...provides the explicit detail required to manufacture a wide variety of drugs, including MDA, XTC, methamphetamine and methylamine... also makes the important point that because of restrictions (DEA oversite of chemicals used to manufacture illicit drugs), the price of methamphetamine has gone over $100 per gram, while it costs only $1 to $2 to make."
-- New Age Patriot

"This is the book used by real-life meth cooks to brew their versions of 'human rocket fuel' (as Fester puts it)... details brand-new recipes for a variety of amphetamines using different precursors, reagents, equipment, and procedures, so the reader can best utilize what's at hand."
-- Pills-A-Go-Go

This is a really good book! If I hadn't written it, I sure as hell would be buying it!
-- Uncle Fester