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The Roots of Consciousness
Psychic Liberation through History, Science and Experience
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Jeffrey Mishlove
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Random House
Psychic Liberation through History, Science and Experience in the most thorough scientifically documented compendium of consciousness exploration ever assembled in one volume by one author, with over 300 black and white illustrations and 66 in full color.

"An excellent account of the Paranormal brilliantly put together. It will dfinitely become a classic."
-- Uri Geller

"Highly recommended for those interested in pursuing research into domains not yet taught to science students and medical students. It will be an excellent textbook. I await the rest of this man's work with great interest."
-- John C. Lilly, MD

"At once a delightful voyage and a most comprehensive survey of the regions of extra ordinary consciousness. Ahsram and laboratory, ancient ritual and the poetry of higher physics are seen as interconnected in this textbook for the new age. The reading of it is a remembering of the roots of consciousness and the fantastical pictures are perceived with a shock of recognition as we recall the richness which is ourselves."
-- Jean Houston PhD, Director, Foundation for Mind Research