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Pulmonary Physiology
Rating :
Author(s) :
Michael Levitzky
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
2003(pb,6st ed,fine)
Publisher :
McGraw Hill
Mastery of concepts--not memorization of facts. With Michael Levitzky's clear and involving presentation of pulmonary physiology, you learn how and why the human respiratory system a format that makes it easier to absorb and to integrate as you learn the physiology of other body systems.

First choice for pulmonary physiology:
  • Offers a tried-and-trusted route to learning pulmonary physiology
  • Provides you with objectives at the start of every chapter
  • Summarizes key concepts at the end of each chapter with locators indicating the location of the material in the text
  • Makes learning easier with enhanced illustrations of all essential concepts
  • Reinforces learning with new study questions and clinical examples at the close of each chapter
  • Explains difficult concepts thoroughly, without oversimplification
  • Covers respiratory function under stress—exercise, altitude, and diving
  • Offers the best review for the USMLE Step I
  • Provides handy appendices of symbols, gas laws, equations, pulmonary function decision tree, and normal values table
"A wonderful book for anyone looking to learn pulmonary physiology...concise and complete...very readable and accessible to people with little to no experience in physiology and respiration."

"Must have....Perfect book for respiratorist and medical student."

--student review, online student reviews of the 5th edition