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Handbook of Psychotropic Herbs
A Scientific Analysis of Herbal Remedies for Psychiatric Conditions
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Author(s) :
Ethan Russo
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
2001(pb,1st ed,f-)
Publisher :
Haworth Herbal Press
Figures show that 30 percent of American adults use herbs. The Handbook of Psychotropic Herbs investigates the medical value of over 30 well-known herbs through in-depth evaluations providing a broader understanding of the uses and misuses of these natural remedies. This guide lists the effectiveness of herbs, guidelines for use, precautions, and the author's recommendations on dosages. Containing cutting-edge information about herbal medicine, Handbook of Psychotropic Herbs will assist you in making intelligent choices about buying and using herbs.

"Sound Advice on the rational use of safe and effective herbs to help alleviate a wide range of neurological disorders. An Authoritative guide in an area where solid, reliable information is often difficult to obtain."
-- Mark Blumenthal, Founder and Executive Director, American Botanical Council

"A remarkable reference source for factual information on over a score of medicinal herbs. . . . Covers botany, history of use, preparation of extracts, animal toxicology, human responses, and established medical values -- All with excellent references to the published literature. A fine balance is maintained in answering the questions asked by the researcher (whit is in there and what is its action) and the herbalist (how can it be used to heal and maintain a patient)."
-- Alexander T. Shulgin, experimental neurochemist