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Psychotropic Drugs
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Norman Keltner
David Folks
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Mosby Inc
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Get on-the-spot answers to your questions about psychotropic drugs with this unique resource. It offers both an in-depth, narrative overview and quick-reference drug profiles so you can access the information you need in any setting. The comprehensive, user-friendly format consists of 21 narrative chapters that discuss the biologic basis of psychopharmacology and the uses of psychotropic drugs for specific psychiatric disorders, plus a series of brief profiles for some of the most common psychotropic drugs listed by generic name.

  • Presents updated content and all-new chapters on pharmcokinetics, amnestic and dementia disorders, sexual disorders, and herbal medicines.
  • Contains an easy-to-use two-part format with narrative chapters (Part One) and succinct drug profiles (Part Two).
  • Includes introductions to psychotropic drugs and psychiatric care, with a review of neuroanatomy and an overview of psychiatric care as it relates to pharmacologic treament.
  • Focuses on the major categories of drugs used in psychiatric care so you can quickly reference the most relevant drug facts.
  • Reviews electroconvulsive therapy, drugs of abuse, central nervous system stimulants, and drugs used to treat extrapyramidal side effects of psychotropic drugs.
  • Includes chapters on the psychopharmacologic treatment of children, adolescents, and the elderly to address age-related issues.