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Psychedelics Reimagined
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Thomas Lyttle
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-- The Los Angeles Times

"Important, very informative, and an additional valuable contribution to the psychedelic movement."
-- Dr. Albert Hofmann, inventor of LSD-25

This superb collection presents the 'new wave' of psychedelic drug researchers... original, provocative
-- Michael Horowitz, Director, Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library

[Thomas Lyttle] passes the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
-- The Whole Earth Review,

Rigorous and scholarly... [Lyttle] represents an alternative to hard-core science journals and the subcultural press.... A great job!
-- Dr. Michael Montagne, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

Fantastic info on psychedelic drugs and culture
-- Germany's Der Tag

"[Lyttle] will captivate the mind of any consciousness explorer."
-- England's MixMag

State of the art: Professors meet radicals... over drugs!
-- Hungary's Okl Villamosmernok

If you are in any way interested in psychedelic drugs, then this is for you!
-- Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed

"Extremely attractive...research, style of writing and publishing are a complete success."
-- Dr. Alexander Shulgin, author of PiHKAL

Literate... sophisticated... substantial!
-- High Times

"Stellar work....A safe, responsible attitude in reporting and publishing."
-- Dr. Rick Strassman, Dept. of Psychiatry, Univ. of New Mexico

Notable.... Information you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.... Close to being definitive!
-- The Entheogen Review

"Psychedelics Reimagined is wonderfully exciting...wonderfully informative! The variety of subjects and styles is astounding, all within the increasingly credible field of psychedelic studies. Lyttle has always been years ahead of everyone else.... He helped create the curve."
-- David Goldstein, Curator, The PHD (Papers from the History of Drugs) Archival Library and Database

"Indispensable work... explores the cutting edge of thought on psychedelic drug research.... One of the leading documents on mind-expanding drugs."
-- Russ Kick, Outposts: Rare & Disturbing Information

"[Lyttle] educates the curious, validates the veteran, and intrigues those who thought that the psychedelic experience was a figment of the sixties.... Vital information: a crash course on the progress of ongoing research into the inner worlds."
-- Green Egg