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The Private Sea
LSD and the search for God
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William Braden
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Pall Mall Press Limited
I congratulate you on your ability to see the wood from the trees in theology.
-- Bishop John A. T. Robinson

I marvel at the skill with which you have compressed and clarified my position.
-- Thomas J.J. Altizer, author of Radical Theology and the Death of God

. . . a true intellectual pleasure . . . you certainly penetrated deeply into the roots of the LSD problem and have presented its many-sided aspects and its relationship to present intellectual trends well and with a thorough knowledge of the subject.
-- Dr. Albert Hofmann, the original synthesizer of LSD

He has written an excellent book; it is original, interesting, exploratory, incisive, obviously a work marked by his own involvement. . . . The great contribution Braden makes is to bring together under the single roof of this book some hitherto unrelated questions of first-rate importance.
-- Father Malcolm Boyd, New York Times