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Poisonous & Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
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Author(s) :
Richard Haard
Karen Haard
Pages :
Pub Date :
1975, 1977
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Cloudburst Press
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Poisonous and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms is a guide for all collectors concerned about not poisoning themselves. It shows you how to identify all the known poisonous and hallucinogenic mushroom species and what to do should medical treatment be necessary. Included are :

  • An illustrated course on mushroom terms
  • Instructions on making mushroom keys for fool-proof identification
  • A quick reference chart for use by medical personel on the proper diagnosis of toxins and their treatment.
  • The most complete and up-to-date information on poisonous and hallucinogenic fungi.

"Poisonous and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms and its companion Foraging for Edible Wild Mushrooms are "the best guides for beginning mushroom seekers. . ."
-- Co-Evolution Quarterly

Richard Haard, Ph.D., is a graduate of Kansas State University, and formerly associate Professor of Biology at Western Washington State College. He taught at the Nature Study Institute, Bellingham, Washington, which he and his wife Karen founded in 1974, and now works as a biological system consultant for various Indian tribes in North America. Karen Haard, B.Sc. is also a graduate of Kansas State University, and a former research technician in a biological laboratory. At present she divides her time between writing, biological research, consulting and homemaking.