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Our Right to Drugs
The Case for a Free Market
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Thomas Szasz
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Syracuse University Press
Readers will be surprised and enlightened after reading Thomas Szasz's passionate arguments for the legalization of drugs. Rather than dwelling on the familiar impracticality and unfairness of drugs laws, he demonstrates the deleterious effect of prescription laws, which place people under lifelong medical supervision.

By stressing the consequences of the central aim of the U.S. drug prohibitions--protecting the public from harming themselves by self-medication--he emphasizes that a free society cannot endure if the state treats adults as truant children and if its citizens reject the values of self-discipline and personal responsibility.

Szasz explores the racial aspects of drug prohibition--drug enforcers are far more likely to accost blacks than whites--and suggests a connection between drug prohibition and the personal dread of the availability of an easy and pleasurable way to commit suicide.

"A profound and subtle analysis of the moral issues raised by the prohibition of drugs. Whether you favor or oppose our present drug policy, reading this book will transform your understanding of the real issues involved."
-- Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Hoover Institution

"Szasz's most important contribution is his unrelenting insistence that legislating individual moral (and here, chemical) purity is utterly inconsistent with the principle of personal freedom that is central to liberal democracy."
-- Legal Times

Thomas Szasz is professor emeritus of psychiatry, State University of New York Health Science Center, Syracuse. He is the recipient of numerous awards and has been honored with an award in his name for outstanding contributions to the cause of civil liberties.