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New World New Mind
Moving Toward Conscious Evolution
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Robert Ornstein
Paul Ehrlich
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Touchstone Books
"This is a brilliant book . . . We have to learn to think differently . . . this new way of thinking should begin in schools, colleges, and be taught on popular TV programs. There is still time to save ourselves, if we listen to authors like these."
-- Doris Lessing

New World New Mind should become required reading for all those who want to know where humanity has come from and the changes we now need to make to face our future
-- Dr. Donald C. Johanson, Author of Lucy

"In New World New Mind, Ornstein and Ehrlich brilliantly propose some changes in our modes of thinking that could help us avoid nuclear catastrophe."
-- Senator Alan Cranston (California)

"New World New Mind shows what we have done to not only our surrounding world but to ourselves. It would be a dangerous oversight to miss this book's message."
--Roger Caras, Correspondent, TV Network News, ABC News

"We will never look at our world and ourserlves in the same way again after reading this book. New World New Mind is an astonishing synthesis of biological, social, and historical knowledge, one that points the direction for the future evolution of our society."
-- Terrance Leighton, Professor of Microbiology and Biochemistry, University of California at Berkeley

"New World New Mind has a compelling message of urgent importance. It both diagnoses the psychological causes of the current planetary crisis and points to a way out. If we don't act on this information, our grandchildren may never forgive us."
-- Daniel Goleman, Author, Vital Lies and The Meditative Mind

Robert Ornstein is president of the Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge. He teaches at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco and at Stanford University. He has done extensive research on the human brain and is the author of The Psychology of Consciousness, The Nature of Human Consciousness and Multimind and Coauthor of The Amazing Brain and The Healing Brain, among many other books.

Paul Ehrlich is Professor of Biological Sciences and Bing Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University. His previous books include The Machinery of Nature, Earth, and Extinction.