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My Self and I
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Constance A. Newland
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Coward-McCann, Inc
"I found it one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. It packs the psychic punch of a nightmare that turns to reality--the reality that lies in all of us. My Self and I is better reading than any murder myster, which can only show up as synthetic stuff when compared to the murder that lies within the self, as revealed by the candid and courageous author."
-- Lucy Freeman, author of Fight Against Tears.

This factual account is more fascinating than any drama I've read in recent years, and I've given my copy to all my close friends to read and benefit from. It's compelling!
-- Joe Hyams, The New York Herald Tribune.

"Whatever doubts I might have had about the efficiency of LSD therapy, there can be no doubt that Constance A. Newland has provided us with an uncommonly courageous insight into the unconscious causes of her sexual frigidity. She has succeeded in making unconscious factors more plausible, understandable and exciting than most psychiatrists have succeeded in doing since Freud."
-- Dr. Harold Greenwald, psychiatrist, and author of Call Girl: A psychoanalytic Study.

This is a truly fascinating account of the subjective experience of an intelligent, sensitive, gifted and psychologically sophisticated person. But it is more than this, not only on account of the experience but also a blow-by-blow analysis of a stubborn sexual frigidity which had resisted orthodox psychoanalysis.

"In this book we have an intelligent, sophisticated woman's account of her experiences under LSD. She writes vividly, and her record is a useful one. The fact that little or nothing has been written of the subjective aspects of LSD as an adjunct to psychotherapy makes it a welcome contribution."
-- Dr. Winfred Overholser, Author of The Handbook of Psychiatry

"My Self and I is an absorbing book which gives a very frank and strong look at the methods and healing powers of a new chemotherapy which unlocked for the author a vitality and human relatedness the existence of which she had not suspected in herself. Mrs. Newland's book holds considerable interest and hope beyond that promised by more conventional psychanalytic methods."
-- Clifford Odets, internationally known playwright.