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1999-2000 Medical Drug Reference
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Allan Ellsworth
Daniel Witt
David Dugdale
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Mosby Inc.
Your favorite portable drug reference has been expanded.

  • Over-the-counter vs. prescription names for trade products are now listed at the beginning of each drug monograph.
  • Combination drug names are now included.
  • New drug interaction rating scale based on Drug Interaction Foundation suggestion and derived from Hansten and Horn data.
  • More comparative drug tables.
  • Appendices have been thumb tabbed for easier access.
  • Drug-Lab interaction has been updated
Mosby's 1999-2000 Medical Drug Reference provides rapid access to key information:

  • Drug monographs are organized alphabetically by generic name.
  • Trade names are given for all medications commonly used in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Non FDA-approved uses are noted.
  • Therapeutic Index lists drugs most often used to treat common disorders.
  • Dosages and routes are provided for all ages-adult, geriatric, and pediatric patients.
  • Available forms and cost of therapy are specified.
  • Common and potentially life-threatening side effects are listed by organ system.
  • Special considerations, such as monitoring parameters and patient education, are included.
  • Comparative tables present vital information at a glance so you can make the best drug decisions for your patients.