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The Modern Alchemist
A Guide to Personal Transformation
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Richard Miller
Iona Miller
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1994(pb,1st ed,vg,s)
Publisher :
Oak Publishing
Traditional religions, with their emphasis upon ritual and belief, often fail to meet the spiritual needs of contemporary individuals. Nonetheless, the direct experience of life's sacred dimension yields many positive results for the human personality and inner spirit.

The Modern Alchemist has a great deal to say to those who are seeking spiritual nourishment in the modern age. It is a first-hand experiential guide to the process which medieval alchemists represented as the transformation of "lead into gold," or lower substances into higher ones. To Richard and Iona Miler, the transformation goes much further than that--it is an inner change which leads to wholeness, integration, and flowering of the total personality.

Using the language of depth psychology as well as alchemy, they show how we can actualize our birthright and become consciously involved in the natural transformative process. In this way, we can find a more intimate connection with the guiding, nurturing powers of the universe and the "lost" parts of ourselves.

"Not since Carl Jung wrote on inner transformation and alchemy has there been such a revealing, illuminating discussion of this art and its hidden message."
-- Dr. Stanley Krippner, The Saybrook Institute

Richard Alan Miller is a physicist and the author of many books.

Iona Miller is an artist and a writer on Jungian psychology. Together they have long been involved in exploring the nature and frontiers of the human mind.