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The Art of Ecstasy
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Author(s) :
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
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1976(pb,1st ed,g+)
Publisher :
Harper Colophon
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"There is much talk about meditation these days, but the confusion about what it is and how to 'achieve' it is greater than ever. Ask any random group of people if they ever meditate and about half of them will say they do (or have), but, contrary to what is commonly supposed, meditation isn't really something that you can 'do'. It is something that happens spontaneously when you're not doing anything, when you're in an absolute state of non-doing. What people mean when they say they meditate, then, is that they are practicing some technique that hopefully will create the situation where meditation can happen. . . ."

"In this book, enlightened spiritaul master Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. . . talks about meditation and suggests a variety of meditation techniques that are particualrly suitable for Westerners. . . . Bhagwan Shree's interest is in helping each individual find that path that is right for him. He has no particular philosophy that he wants to 'push', no dogma, no doctrines. He says that each individual has to find this own unique path. . . ."

"When meditation happens, your whole life will become a meditation, a celebration. It [meditation] is an invitation to personal transformation."
-- from the Foreword