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Medicine from the Mountains
Medicinal Plants from the Sierra Nevada
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Kimball Chatfield
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Range of Light Publications
"A treasure trove of information on medicinal plants in the Sierra. Well written and well researched, this book is a must for anyone living in or traveling to northern California and is also valuable for all students and professionals interested in medicinal herbs."
-- Mark Blumenthal, founder and executive director American Botanical Council and Editor of HerbalGram

"A smooth reading medicinal flora for the Sierra Nevada. The author skillfully relates it to Eastern American and European plants as well. I certainly want this compact volume next time I travel to the Range of Light."
-- James A. Duke Ph.D., Economic Botanist

""Medicine From the Mountains uniquely contrasts the current use of Sierra Nevada plants by scientists, physicians and folk healers with their historic imporance. This informative work will serve as a valuable reference for those that merely want to appreciate these glorious plants as they hike this majestic mountain range, as well as for those that inspire to understand plant chemical composition and pharmaceutical value. I enthusiastically recommendthis enlightening and beautifully illustrated text."
-- David I. Kusher, Ph.D., Wofford College

Kimball Chatfield is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He also has a bachelors degree from San Diego State University in Natural Resource Management. He is former professor of clinical Nutrition at Santa Barbara Collegeof Oriental Medicine. Currently he teaches Botanical Medicine and Medicinal Plants of the Sierra Nevada at Lake Tahoe Community College.

Kristen Schwartz is a Botanical Illustrator specializing in medicinal plants. She and her husband live at Lake Tahoe and spend the summer months hiking and camping while Kristen searches for plant subjects to photograph and sketch. She spends the rest of the year illustrating from details she collects in the summertime.