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The Marijuana Question
And Science's Search for an Answer
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Helen C. Jones
Paul W. Lovinger
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Dodd, Mead and Co.
"This comprehensive and very readable book pulls together admirably the accumulated scientific evidence poiting to the ehalth effects of marijuana use."
-- Donald Ian Macdonald, M.D., Administrator, U.S. Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration

"The Marijuana Question is the most comprehensive and best documented book I have ever seen on the subject and does print all of the meaningful studies done on this critical problem in our society today. I would recommend it strongly to anyone who wishes to know more about marijuana and its physicological and psychological effects."
-- Donald L. Cooper, M.D.

"The public needs to know what the facts are in a language that can be understood. The Marijuana Question gives exactly this."
-- Coy W. Waller, PhD., Professor of Pharmaceutics, U of Mississippi