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Not Guilty as Charged
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David R. Ford
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Good Press
Marijuana --Learn why it should never have been illegal! A powerful and courageous book that everyone-- parents; those in government, law enforcement, and medicine; the media; nonusers and users of marijuana --needs to read. Learn from honest research, not false government propaganda, about marijuana's
  • Virtual harmlessness compared to other drugs
  • Validated medical benefits
  • International studies that confirm it is not a "gateway drug"
  • Not being addictive, any more than TV, sports, or the Internet
  • Never causing one recorded toxicity-related death
  • Unavailability, which causes the use of more dangerous drugs

"David Ford brilliantly conducts us on a tour through the "Malice in Blunderland" of American marijuana policy. Based on authoritative documents, news clippings and personal stories, he presents tales of viciousness, hypocrisy and ignorance facilitated by self-service special interest groups."
-- Tod Mikuriya, M.D., Head of marijuana research for the National Institute of Mental Health in the late 1960s.

"When I wrote Wasted, the story of my son's drug addiction, I thought marijuana was a stepping-stone to heavier drugs. I'm now convinced that pot has nothing to do with it. Marijuana: Not Guilty As Charged is a volauable and honest book --a "must read" for anyone who wants to know the truth. David Ford also presents ample evidence that marijuana is medicine. It's a compelling book, and it often reads like a spicy novel."
-- William Chapin, Author