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Marijuana in Magic & Religion
Green Gold the Tree of Life
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Chris Bennett
Lynn Osburn
Judy Osburn
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Cannabis sativa played a major role in every religion in the Old World from the dawn of civilization until the dark ages when its sacramental use was prohibited. Today multitudes are rediscovering the sacramental virtues of this most useful of all plants.

The world's oldest living god, Shiva, preparing bhang (Cannabis sativa). Shiva has been worshipped by the holy ones, now known as Sadhus, continuously since at least 2700 BCE.

Mithras sacrificing the bull of creation in order to renew life. The sacred drink of the mysteries (three-pointed Cannabis sativa leaf) flows from the wound. Mithraism was more popular than Christianity until outlawed in the 5th century CE.

In the stele below from 7th century BCE, Nineveh, Ashurbanipal is pouring a libation over the heads of dead lions after a hunt. He is facing an offering table and large incense stand as musicians play. The incense stand is capped by a mushroom-like cone that collects and holds the sacred Qunubu (Cannabis sativa) incense vapors.