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Deluxe Edition
Marijuana Grower's Guide
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Mel Frank
Ed Rosenthal
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The deluxe edition Marijuana Grower's Guide is the authoritative information source for all marijuana connoisseurs and cultivators.

Whether your garden is on a windowsill, in your closet, in your backyard, or on acres of hillside, this book has information you need to make it better.

Cannabis History - Botanical and Chemical information - the latest scientific information for maximizing your crop's potency - Seed Selection - Gardening Techniques - more detailed gardening instructions than most straight gardening books - Supplies and Equipment - full information on purchasing or building your own - Extensive Soil Information - testing and analysis, soil pH, soil preparation, nutrients, fertilizers, hydroponics - Special Indoor Considerations - lighting, atmosphere control, continuous growth systems - Planting - Watering - Thinning - Transplanting - Pruning - Grafting - Sex Determination - Cultivating Sinsemilla - Harvesting - Curing - Pests and Diseases - their diagnosis and treatment - Guerilla Farming - choosing an outdoor site.

The text is profusely illustrated with over 50 dramatic color photographs, 150 black and white photographs, drawings, charts, graphs and maps. Also includes an index, extensive bibliography, and reference list.