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The Marijuana Farmers
Hemp Cults and Cultures
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Jack Frazier
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Solar Age Press
"Now this [hemp] is the finest fiber known to mankind, my God, if you ever have a shirt made of it, your grandchildren would never wear it out. You take Polish families. We used to see marijuana in the yards of Polish families. We'd go in and start to tear it up and the man came out with his shotgun; yelling, 'These are my clothes for next winter.'"
-- Harry J. Anslinger, Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (Esquire Magazine, 1968)

"Let's get back to what you said about planting the seed. What kind of planter would you use, a regular grain planter or what?"

It would have to be a fine seed planter. You could use a regular soybean or corn planter, say a jon deer international with a fine seed attachment for hill-drop planting, that is if you're going to grow for smoke or seed production. If you're growing for fiber production, it would be better to plant with a seed drill, or broadcast the seed."
-- The Marijuana Farmers