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Marijuana Botany
An Advanced Study
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Robert Connell Clarke
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And/Or Press
Cannabis has been cultivated for 10,000 years. In the last ten years, marijuana has undergone more genetic experimentation and cross-breeding than during the previous 10,000 years.

This widespread interest and remarkable hybrid development did not occur within the agribusiness conglomerates, but was accomplished by thousands of individuals new to any kind of farming. Having started in the last decade with an assortment of imported seeds, clandestine growers now have more practical plant-breeding expertise and proficiency than any other group of farmers.

Robert Connell Clarke--whose sources range from the scientific community to the clandestine cultivators--is an expert on the botany and ecology of Cannabis. In these pages he details:

  • Structure and characteristics of the plant
  • How quality is affected by climate and environment
  • Numerous methods of plant propagation (including cloning)
  • Identification and desirability of male plants
  • Special considerations for producing and harvesting sinsemilla
  • THC production and peak potency
  • Using seeds of known strains to breed for preferred characteristics--such as high THC with rapid maturation
  • Developing strains that will continue to produce good plants year after year
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    "Robert Clarke's splendid effort will be widely appreciated. His Marijuana Botany will be constantly consulted by a wide variety of researchers in the years to come."
    -- Richard Evans Schultes, Director Harvard Botanical Museum

    "This work is a compact guide for interested scientists and breeders."
    -- Carlton E. Turner, Ph.D., Director, National Institute of Mental Health Marijuana Research Project