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Marijuana and the Bible
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Jeff Brown
Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church
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1985, 2012
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2012(pb,2nd ed,fine)
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Jeff Brown
The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church is a Rasta religion that was at the height of its fame around 1980. The church received extensive publicity as 60 Minutes did a segment; Life, Omni, Science, Rolling Stone, and High Times magazines all did articles. Numerous newspaper articles were written and various brothers have been on radio and tv shows around the country.

The church reveres ganja (marijuana) as its "holy" Eucharist and "spiritual intensifier" with Biblical, historical and divine association for its use. Ganja is the mystical body and blood of "Jes-us"--the burnt offering made by fire-which allows a member to see and know the "living God" or the "God in man".