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Manifesting Minds
A Review of Psychedelics in Science, Medicine, Sex, and Spirituality
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Rick Doblin
Brad Burge
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2014(pb,1st ed,f)
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The Family Publishing Company
The most influential and provocative articles ever published by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) are collected in Manifesting Minds, an anthology of groundbreaking research, personal accounts, essays, and interviews featuring Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, Ram Dass, Albert Hofmann, Ann and Sasha Shulgin, Daniel Pinchbeck, Tom Robbins, Arne Naess, and electronic musician Simon Posford. The pieces explore some of the most surprising and beneficial effects of MDMA, ibogaine, LSD, ayahuasca, 2C-B, and other psychedelics: treating addiction and PTSD, providing sexuality and spirituality, improving our relationship with nature, and creating innovative technologies for the future.

With its wide range of voices and multifaceted viewpoints, Manifesting Minds is an insightful, well-rounded exploration for educated readers interested in psychedelics, as well as professionals in the fields of progressive therapies, neuroscience, pharmacology, spirituality, and art.

"The varieties of psychedelic experience are boundless and beyond words, but this enlightening anthology manages to map much of that ineffable territory. Thank ou, MAPS, for helping us understand the science and the spirit that support this endless journey."
-- Don Lattin, journalist and author of The Harvard Psychedelic Club and Distilled Spirits

"The pages of the MAPS Bulletin have always reached out to people from all cultures and persuasions to represent psychedelics' potential for medicine, cultural development, spirituality, and personal growth. And now we have this generous smorgasbord of Bulletin pieces gathered together to be enjoyed in a single volume. What an excellent book to courageously transmit psychedelic research into tomorrow."
-- Ben Sessa, MD, psychiatrist and psychedelic researcher