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Magickal Mushroom Handbook
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Richard Alan Miller
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Mushroom Books / Homestead Press
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This compact book is actually the most complete work ever published on hallucinogenic mushrooms. Compressed into its hip-pocket size are four pages of color photographs, ten accurate drawings, and information on every known hallucinogenic mushroom. The mushrooms covered in this book are:
  • 10 mushrooms of the Psilocybe species, generally small in size but containing more than adequate amounts of psilocybin.
  • 5 Panaeolus mushrooms, larger in size and usually found in dung in cow pastures.
  • 2 other psilocybin containing mushrooms and the Amanita muscaria.
Each mushroom is described as to the size and color of its cap, gills, stem, flesh, habitat, season and spore print.