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Do you think you might have HPPD?
Take this survey out of University of East London,
which attempts to understand the inner experiences of
people with lasting perceptual changes from use of
psychoactive drugs, (diagnosed or not). It investigates
factors that could create distress or effect quality of life.
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The Consciousness-Expanding Drug
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David Solomon
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Putnam Books
The only authoritative and comprehensive book that gives all the answers about this controversial subject.

Such people as Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary and William Burroughs discuss the validity of the psychedelic experience today.

Alan Harrington gives his fascinating first-hand account of the horrors of an LSD "visit to inner space", described in vivid detail.

Doctors and other experts report the amazing therapeutic effects of LSD in psychotherapy, in the treatment and care of alcoholism and other serious medical disorders.

LSD--the wave of the future? Or a deadly menace? No current topic has been so widely debated with such charged emotions. This book is a lucid, provocative and totally absorbing account of the many facets of the intriguing and revolutionary world of consciouness-expanding drugs.