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Listening To Prozac
A Psychiatrist Explores Antidepressant
Drugs and the Remaking of the Self
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Peter D. Kramer
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1993(hb,1st ed,fine)
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Viking Penguin
"If mood-changing medications can so profoundly alter a person's inner states and his or her experience of the world, then is there no such thing as a constant, irreducible Self? In Listening to Prozac, psychiatrist Peter Kramer has given us not only a fascinating and beautifully written overview of teh biology and psychology of mood-state, but a richly philosophical meditation upon the basic nature of human nature as well."
-- Maggie Scarf

"A wonderful account of the dilemmas of modern psychiatry--searching, informed, open-minded, often funny--with enlightening suggestions for the future."
-- Leston Havens, M.D., professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

"Peter Kramer is a splendid storyteller and eloquent teacher. Listening to Prozac is about how antidepressant drugs can change who we think we are. Can an effective drug actually change your identity? If so, what do we think about this? Follow Dr. Kramer's exploration of biology, psychology, and philosophy, but best of all, enjoy these stories."
-- Judith L. Rapoport M.D., author of The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Washing

"A wise book, compulsively readable, on psychiatry's contributions to the ethical issues raised by the drug culture in America. Kramer's elegant writing addresses a wide audience, and his insights illuminate biological medicine's role in contemporary culture."
-- Diane Wood Middlebrook, author of Anne Sexton: A Biography