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The Lens of Perception
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Hal Zina Bennett
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Celestial Arts
Since its first publication in 1987, the breakthrough thinking in Lens of Perception continues to be praised by leading teachers of shamanism, spirituality, and personal growth.

Though known by many names, the lens of perception is a core concept in virtually every spiritual and psychological tradition, modern and ancient. Only by knowing it can we actualize and fulfill our own highest potential.

"Hal Bennett is becoming one of my favorite authors . . . The Lens of Perception brings the magical world of existence into our everyday lives."
-- Lynn Andrews, author of Walk in Balance

The Lens of Perception offers a new perspective on the process of rebirthing spiritual insight into post-modern life."
-- Terence McKenna, author of Archaic Revival

This is a wonderfully lucid and intelligent book, full of fascinating insights into the mysteries of human perception. Hal guides through traditional ways of viewing reality and seduces us into embracing our own. I live this book!"
-- Gabrielle Roth, author of Maps to Ecstasy