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Huichol Indian Sacred Rituals
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Author(s) :
Susana Valdez
Mariano Valdez
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Edition(s) at Erowid :
1992(hb,1st ed,vg)
Publisher :
Amber Lotus
The colorful art of the Huichol Indians of Mexico reflects their traditional, sacred way of living, respectful and knowing in its relationship to the unseen forces of the natural and human realms.

The Huichol "yarn paintings" reproduced in this volume are expressions of a religious culture rich with sacred rituals for revealing and working with the spiritual dimensions of life.

An appreciation of their sensitivity and harmony could be valuable in our modern world, with its utilitarian attitude toward nature and its ecological and moral crises.

Featured in this book:
  • An introduction to Huichol culture, including its sacred way of life, its shamanistic traditions, and its wonderful art
  • Three full-color reproduction portfolios of Huichol yarn paintings:
    • Huichol Indian Creation Myths
    • Huichol Indian Animal Allies
    • Huichol Indian Sacred Rituals
  • Detailed captions explaining each picture
  • Color photographs of Huichol Indian culture
  • Detailed explanations of the symbols used in Huichol yarn paintings