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Dare to
Grow Yer Own Stone
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Author(s) :
Alexander Sumach
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Publisher :
Mystic Bookshop
For a hemp plant to be borne
sow the seeds as April stormes
seek their shelter
In a barne
hoe their garden
rich and torne...

For a moon
your darlings tend
for the sun
you pray
notice ye the
shorter nights
and the longer days...

May all May
be warm and bright
might all June
be sunny.
Hot and dry
throughout July
Make Augusts'
resins runny

Pull the males
before they blow -
don't fertilize
the ladies
let them ooze
their tears of woe
sweet sticky
hashish gravy...

her finest hour
catch it as it's flowing
pull those ladies
while in flower
their pistal tongues
first showing

Dry leaves slowly
in the shade
flowers set apart
grass brings joy
to anyone
who feels joy
in their heart...