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The Exploration of the Inner World
A Study of Mental Disorder and Religious Experience
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Author(s) :
Anton T. Boisen
Pages :
Pub Date :
1936, 1971
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Publisher :
University of Pennsylvania Press
"[This book] remains perhaps the most important book in the field of the psychology of religion since James's Varieties of Religious Experience."
-- Review of Religion

"It will be read and respected for years to come along with James's Varieties of Religious Experience and Jung's Psychology and Religion and Modern Man in Search of a Soul. Here is a man who has lived with mental illness and has ministered to the mentally ill for years. Moreover, he has thought deeply regarding the significance of mental illness vis a vis religion."
-- Calvin S. Hill

"Anton Boisen's work will go down as one of the few really original and lasting contributions to the psychology of religion in our period."
-- Rollo May

"This is one of the most profound and important documents of our time . . . it was a good twenty years ahead of its time, and only now is thinking in the field of psychiatry, psychology and religion beginning to catch up with the insight Boisen had in 1936. I think history may well show that this prophetic book is more important than William James's Varieties of Religious Experience."
-- O. Hobart Mowrer