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Origin of the Divine within Us
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Brian Love
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This is the testament of a teenage drug dealer's initiation into a metamodernist tribe, and their aspirations toward human speciation upon an irradiated island that lies beyond civilization. His gospel is a psychedelic reprisal of our immemorial myths in a near-future world wracked by climate change, petroleum depletion, and American imperialism, where he confronts the same exigent questions of life, love, and destiny that we share in the present day. Although first in publication, it is the second volume in chronology within my AIGAI Tetralogy. To learn more, please visit:

Now an autodidactic polymath of sustainability, iconoclastic ecowarrior, & connoisseur of consciousness, I began crusading for the next paradigm by leaving high school to humanifest a personal trasitional strategy. My incubation was nine years study at Earthaven Ecovillage, a neotribal demonstration of off-grid livelihood in the mountains of North Carolina, where I employed myself as a master builder, permaculture designer, organic farmer, ecological forester, & renewable energy installer. In concurrent adventures I became a shaman, psychonaut, bluewater sailor, artiSunal entrepreneur, prognostic anthropologist, & physique model. At 26, I wrote "Entheogenesis", my first novel, and created BELOVE so its publication would spell decrimunialization of industrial hemp cultivation, & celebration of the prophet Terence McKenna, whose eschaton marks the occasion. At 27, I left my hard-wrought home, farm, & community to bring what I've learned from the fringe of society back to the mainstream, by evolutionary apparel for mem propagation, & tour of indefinite duration, with uncertain destination.