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Its History and Lore
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Author(s) :
Miriam Joseph
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2000(pb,1st ed,fine)
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Carlton Books
Ecstasy is often seen as a party drug, an almost harmless, unaddictive catalyst, turning a good night out into a great one. In the 1970s it was even used in marital counseling, to promote empathy and understanding between unhappy couples. But methelenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) is not problem-free -- bad drugs, bad experiences, and even some dance-floor deaths have all put a downer on the part. With the risks of heart failure, kidney failure, and heatstroke, today's clubbers have become more aware of the possible flip-side of what once seemed like the perfect pill to pop.

Whether we like it or not, drugs are a part of our world. Drugs are both vilified -- in newspaper headlines and public health broadcasts -- and glorified -- in movies, music, and fashion. They continue to fascinate and horrify in equal measure, but drug-taking is a subject that none of us can afford to ignore. Discussion about drugs is often hampered by preconceptions on both sides, for and against, but this series aims to contribute impartially to the debate.

The authors also expose some of the most popular myths about drugs, and explain the reasons behind drug-taking and drug addiction, while recognizing that the two do not always go hand in hand.