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Drugs Without the Hot Air
Minimising the Harms of Legal and Illegal Drugs
Rating :
Author(s) :
David Nutt
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
2012(pb,1st ed,f)
Publisher :
UIT Cambridge
This book explains how drugs affect people, and how we can quantify drug harms (medical, social, economic, legal). It lets us make rational decisions based on objective evidence, so we can minimise the damage caused by drugs.

This accessible book is for anyone interested in drugs (or who takes them), and for parents, teachers, doctors and politicians, who have to work with the consequences of drugs in our society. It poses important and provocative questions, including:
  • How harmful are alcohol and tobacco compared to illegal drugs?
  • Does the "War on Drugs" cause more harm than good?
  • Why did Queen Victoria take cannabis?
  • What should you tell your children about drugs, and when?
David Nutt is Edmond J. Safra Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, but is best known as "the scientist wh was sacked" by the Home Secretary because he compared the harms of horse-riding with taking ecstasy.