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Drugs and Behavior
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Author(s) :
Fred Leavitt
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1974(pb,1st ed,f+),1995(hb,3rd ed,fine/nai)
Publisher :
Sage Publications
Most other psychopharmacology texts devote separate chapters to each drug category; this full revised and updated third edition of Drugs and Behavior is uniquely organized around the ways in which human behavior is affected by drugs.

The author of this text tackles controversial issues head-on: Should any or all drugs be legalized? Do pharmaceutical companies develop and promote their products ethically? Does drug therapy cure mental illness?

The text includes coverage of the latest research findings on drugs' influence on memory, creativity, sexual behavior, aggression, and sleep--topics that are only lightly touched on in other textbooks.--The book also features chapter-opening questions; bold-faced key terms; summaries; and end-of-chapter review quizzes that help students understand the more complex material.

"In contrast to most books of its type, careful consideration has been given to the logical presentation of information and the integration of a vast literature on drug action in nonhumans to drug action in humans. Because of the well conceived format, emphasis on the understanding of basic issues and the author's reliance on well controlled studies, the text is one of the best in promoting critical thinking."
-- Mitchell J. Picker, Department of Psychology, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"The author expresses opinions on many controversial issues. . . . I think these positions are defended well and I personally agree with them. I think the defense of some generally unpopular positions is commendable and represents one of the strengths of the text."
-- John A. Brendel, Dept of Psycholog, Lock Haven Univ.

"The book focuses on relevant topics and issues and the chapters are comprehensive. Students will learn a great deal about the effects of drugs on the human experience."
-- Patricia Carl-Stannard, Dept of Social Work, Sacred Heart University.