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Dimensions of Being
An Explorer's Guide to Consciousness
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Author(s) :
Eugene A. Alliende
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
2013(pb,1st ed,f)
Publisher :
Self Published
Take a journey through Consciousness as it unfolds in time and space to reveal ever more novel forms of Self-expression. Your guide, Eugene Alliende, will take you to your deepest core, revealing a fundamental Truth that has been known by Mystics for millenia and is recently being rediscovered by our leading-edge sciences. This fundamental Truth, that all of existence springs forth from a Unified Field that is timeless and ever-present, will be the foundation of your journey. From this Unified Source, you will explore the various stages and levels of Cosmic and individual evolution and development, and see how these levels and dimensions come together to create your current experience. Your host will take you on an intellectual, visionary, and experiential journey through the various dimensions of your collective and individual Being, and in that journey, help you discover who you truly are. Through this discovery you will once again remember the true creative power that lies dormant in the depths of your Being, awakening to the reality that we can transform and heal ourselves and our world. Take advantage of this life time to probe the depths of what it is to be conscious, and in that Consciousness, discover your fundamental connection to all that is.