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The Dictionary of
Sacred and Magical Plants
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Author(s) :
Christian Ratsch
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1992(hb,1st US ed,fine/vg+)
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Explore the exciting world of sacred and magical plants and discover how for centuries plants have been used for everything from curing illness to divining the future. Far more than a listing of definitions, this volume offers indepth information about more than 200 species of plants and the historical, cultural, and popular beliefs surrounding them. It explores the sacred, magical, and medicinal roles plants have played in cultures around the world, and explains the practical and potentially lethal applications for plants as common as ginger and as exotic as jambur. The entries are further enhanced by pharmacological information, an extensive bibliography, and a glossary. The Dictionary of Sacred and Magical Plants is a fascinating and engaging reference work for anyone interested in the study of plants and world culture.