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The Devil's Garden
Facts and Folklore of Perilous Plants
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Edward R. Ricciuti
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1978(hb,1st ed,fine/fine)
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Walker Publishing Company
Warning: Look inside the Devil's Garden -- these plants may be dangerous!

Calabar Bean - known as the "ordeal bean" among the tribes of West Africa--used in "trials" of accused criminals

Cocaine - today's fashionable drug, it rapidly stimulates the nervous system to produce either a giddy effusiveness or its opposite--paranoia

Dieffenbachia - stem and foliage of this common plant, when bitten produce a burning so painful Hitler considered sprinkling it in food for torture.

Ergot - this fungus infects cereal grains and produces frightening hallucinations and convulsions--possible cause of Salem witch trials

Mexican Yam - the original oral contraceptive, used in China as early as the ninth century A.D.

Monkshood - crowned "queen mother of poisons" for its potency

Morning Glory - a plant sacred to Mexican Aztecs, its seeds contain a lysergic acid similar to LSD

Orchid - the classical Greeks and Romans believed this to be among the most powerful of all aphrodisiacs.

Soma - considered "the plant that is God" by ancient Aryans--the only plant ever directly worshipped as a god

Water Hemlock - this fatal impostor of the friendly wild parsnip induces fatal convulsions within minutes.