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The Devil's Cup
Coffee, the Driving Force in History
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Author(s) :
Stewart Lee Allen
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1999(hb,1st ed,f-/f-)
Publisher :
Soho Press
Kathmandu, Sydney, San Cristobel, Calcutta and San Francisco are some of the home ports of Stewart Lee Allen. Although a native Californian, his latest address is Brooklyn, but mostly he lives out of a suitcase and is gone at a moment's notice. When not lounging about cafes, he has taken gainful employment as a grape picker, theatrical director, bathroom attendant, grave digger, punk musician, chef, orchestral conductor, dishwasher, smuggler, attendant for the developmentally disabled, classical composer, punkzine editor, and worker at Mother Theresa's Calcutta home for the Dying. His journalism has appeared in Mother Jones, LA Weekly, Bay Guardian and other periodicals. His first short fiction collection, The Art of Rape, won awards in the U.S. and Japan.