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Controlled Substances
Chemical & Legal Guide to Federal Drug Laws
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Author(s) :
Alexander Shulgin
Pages :
Pub Date :
1988, 1992
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Publisher :
Ronin Publishing
A revised and updated edition of the definitive source of information about illicit drugs: lists every scheduled drug, authority for its inclusion in the law, its chemical abstracts number, and known synonyms; history of the Federal Drug laws to its present form; complete listings of chemical structure of controlled substances by family; drug code numbers; all Federal Register Citations used to justify changes in the laws and regulations; drug laws, definitions, and sentencing guidelines.

"Makes accessible in a convenient form many of the chemical and legal facts...helpful for anyone concerned with drugs."
-- James Bakalar, Harvard Medical School

"Solved one of my biggest headaches, namely: what chemicals are we supposed to be controlling?; when were they controlled?; what schedule are they?; and, what is their true chemical structure? No single source for this information existed until now."
-- Robert K. Sager, Western Laboratory Chief, DEA

"A valuable reference for the criminalist who must know the legal status of substances detected in the crime laboratory and drug enforcement agents, attorneys, judges, and legislators who must make sense of the complex laws dealing with drugs. It will also save a vast amounts of time and energy of those who must research the history and current status of drug laws."
-- Journal of Forensic Sciences