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The Coca Leaf and Cocaine Papers
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George Andrews
David Solomon
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1975(hb,1st ed,vg/vg)
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Harcourt Brace Johanovich

Coca and Cocaine: Uses and Abusesby the Editors
The Role of Coca in the History, Religion, and Medicine of South American Indiansby Richard T. Martin
Coca Experiencesby Paola Mantegazza
Coca, Cocaine and its Saltsby William Martindale
The Divine Plant of the Incasby William Golden Mortimer
The Mariani Album1884-1913
Cocaine and the So-called Cocaine Habitby W.A. Hammond
Cocaine and its Fascinations, from a Personal Experienceby Frank W. Ring
Concerning Nasal Lesions Among Cocaine Sniffersby Leon Natanson
Mental Alterations Produced by Cocaby Carlos Gutierrez-Noriega
The Anti-fatigue Action of Cocaine and Habituation to Coca in Peruby Fernando Cabieses Molina
Cocaism and Cocainismby Otto Nieschulz
Cocaine Consciousnessby Jerry Hopkins
Dealer: Portrait of a Cocaine Merchantby Richard Woodley
The Green and the Whiteby Andrew Weil
The Gourmet Coke BookAnonymous
The Consumers Union Report on Coca Leaf and Cocaineby Edward M. Brecher