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Do you think you might have HPPD?
Take this survey out of University of East London,
which attempts to understand the inner experiences of
people with lasting perceptual changes from use of
psychoactive drugs, (diagnosed or not). It investigates
factors that could create distress or effect quality of life.
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The Chemistry of Conscious States
How the Brain Changes Its Mind
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J. Allan Hobson
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Little, Brown
"Fascinating. I never believed that scientific researchers could probe so deeply into the brains, and the minds, of dreamers, psychotics, and individuals under the influence of drugs."
-- Howard Gardner, Professor of Education, Harvard University

""The reality of the mind disclosed by neurobiology, which Allan Hobson expertly and clearly explains, is stranger, more marvelous, and philosophically more potent than anything previously conceived, even in the farthest reaches of psychoanalysis."
-- Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University, author of Sociobiology