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The Book of E
All About Ecstasy
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Author(s) :
Mireille Silcott
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Omnibus Press
  • Ecstasy has made people dance in fields
  • Ecstasy has sparked gang wars
  • Ecstasy has topped the charts
  • Ecstasy has caused uproar in parliament
  • Ecstasy has gone global
  • Ecstasy has built the careers of tabloid journalists
  • Ecstasy has gotten pop stars into trouble
  • Ecstasy has been taken legally
  • Ecstasy has made people happy
  • Ecstasy has killed
  • Ecstasy has shaped a generation
Through interviews, anecdotes, extracts and analysis, this book documents the massive cultural impact of the drug Ecstasy. From maverick scientists to millionaire club promoters, from Texas discos to the Houses of Parliament, the book of E debunks the myths and cuts through the bullship surrounding "the chemical generation" and their drug of choice.

Push is the former editor of Muzik, Britain's most resepcted dance music magazine. He edited Muzik for three years from its launch in 1995. Prior to that, he was a journalist with Melody Maker for 10 years, initiating the paper's first dance music section in 1990.

Mireille Silcott is a Montreal-based journalist and broadcaster. In 1996, she was named the "top authority on dance culture and clubbing in this country" by Radio Canada. She is the former music editor of the Montreal Mirror and has covered pop music for the CBC and Much Music TV networks. She is the author of "Clubland America: New School Dancescapes".