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Aya Awakenings
A Shamanic Odyssey
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Rak Razam
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North Atlantic Books
When experiential journalist Rak Razam sets out to report on the booming business of twenty-first-century Amazonian shamanism, he finds himself caught in a culture clash between the old world and the new. He meets people who have used the hallucinogenic plant ayahuasca for generations to heal and purify the spirit as well as a new wave of Westerners seeking greater connection with the web of life. Razam trains with indigenous curanderos and documents his experiences and burgoning relationship with the plant world; the more he drinks the potent medicine of ayahuasca, the further it leads him, into the middle of the Amazon and on into the raging heart of consciousness itslef....

"Psychedelic Medicine is a fascinating book published at exactly the right moment--when there is more psychedelic psychotherapy research than any other time in the last 50 years. This book is an excellent introduction for those who want to better understand the emergence of psychedelic psychotherapy."
-- Rick Doblin, PhD, executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

Dr. Richard Louis Miller, MA, PhD, has been a clinical psychologist for more than 50 years. He is host of the syndicated talk radio show, Mind Body Health & Politics. The founder of the nationally acclaimed Cokenders Alcohol and Drug Program, he has been a faculty member at the University of Michigan and Stanford University, an advisor on the President's Commission on Mental Health, a founding board member of the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco, and a member of the national board of directors for the Marijuana Policy Project. He lives in Fort Bragg and Wilbur Hot Springs, California.