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The Anesthesia Drugs Handbook
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Sota Omoigui
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Edition(s) at Erowid :
1995(pb,2nd ed,vg)
Publisher :
081516503X, 0632044217
Designed for quick access to essential anesthesia drug information, The Anesthesia Drugs Handbook is a complete guide in a handy, portable format. This "pocket brain" is packed with tables, descriptions and dosages covering a broad range of drugs and the various routes of administration commonly used in the practice of anesthesia and intensive care. As a synopsis of anesthetic pharmacology, it is a useful review for the beginning trainee and the advanced practitioner.

Over 130 drugs are listed alphabetically for ease of reference. Each entry is presented using a standard format: use(s), dosing, elimination, how supplied, and a brief review of pharmacology. Pharmacokinetics of each drug are summarized in a succinct manner: onset of action, peak effect and duration of action. Interaction/toxicity, guidelines/precautions, and principal adverse actions are also included for each drug. The book also contains a section on volatile anesthetics presented in the same format and a handy appendix section with infusion tables, CPR algorithms and a drug incompatibility table.

Sota Omoigui, M.D., is assistant professor of anesthesiology at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science and attending anesthesiologist at Martin Luther King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. His research interest is in anesthetic pharmacology and medical software design. An expert on electronic information systems, Dr. Omoigui developed Therapeutic Vision Systems (Thera-Vision), considered the most advanced computerized drug information systems in the world. Thera-Vision is distributed world wide by Mosby-Year Book and State-of-the-Art Technologies, Inc. Dr. Omoigui also holds a United States patent for the audio-capnometer monitor. He is co-author of the Nigerian National Anthem (1978) and the author of The Pain Drugs Handbook published by Mosby-Year Book.