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Amphetamine Syntheses
Overview & Reference Guide for Professionals
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Otto Snow
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Pub Date :
1998, 2002
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Thoth Press
"Tremendous! The chemistry is good, straight-forward, easy to read and understand. I very much admire the way you have taken complex subjects and explained them so that even a layperson can understand. I believe that Amphetamine Synthesis will become a "must have" for lawyers, police officers, chemists, counselors and anyone else working in or on the fringes of psychoactives."
--James Young, Ph.D., Forensic Chemist

"I was amazed at how you made the chemistry so easy to understand. I believe, if we are ever to win the "War on Drugs", it is essential for all Law Enforcement Officers, not only to be aware of the drug problems we have in the United States, but to educate themselves as best they can."

"As a past member of the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association", who also served on the Board of Directors, I highly recommend your new book to all my brother and sister officers throughout the country."
-- Gregory F. Lennon, Captain of Police