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ABC Book
A Drug Primer
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Author(s) :
Steven Cerio
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Edition(s) at Erowid :
1998(hb,1st ed,fine)
Publisher :
Gates of Heck Inc
A trippy alphabet book of recreational drugs, from Angel Dust to Nicotine, Opium to Xtasy. With psychedelic kid's-book illustrations by Steven Cerio (Entertainment Weekly, Nickelodeon, collaborations with The Residents), this is a celebratory and cautionary bedtime book for Hippies, Stoners, Ravers, and Slackers!

"Cerio's art is glorious!...LSD may be either responsible for or the drug of choice...It's a trip regardless."
-- Adem Tepedelen, Seattle Rocket

"View Cerio's sacred and profane imagery to prepare yourself for any unexpected journeys to the center of your mind."
-- Gary Panter, designer of PeeWee's Playhouse

"Steven has said that he's after 'the inherent psychedlicism of children's books'... the result is something akin to My First Golden Book of Lysergic-Tinged Revelations."
-- Stephen Beaupre, Chemical Imbalance Magazine

"Steven Cerio is the artist that can best be described as suffering dark influences while still being carried by his pregnant mother who unfortunately witnessed a runaway truck full of raw calamari run through the wall of a toothpick factory."
-- Robert Williams